The Great Melbourne/Sydney Debate Part 1

Ever since moving to Australia, I’ve noticed a common theme when discussing the two largest cities. “Sydney is the place to be, you just HAVE to go, there is way more going on there than in Melbourne.” “What?! No! Honestly I wouldn’t bother with Sydney. Melbourne has a much nicer vibe and is full of culture.” An age-old debate, you’re … More The Great Melbourne/Sydney Debate Part 1

Life’s a beach

When we were little, and we played in the sand pit with diggers and dumpers, we used to joke that if we kept digging we would get to Australia. Sadly we never did, the bottom of the sandpit proving an impenetrable barrier to the magical land of strange creatures and endless sunshine. However on Fraser … More Life’s a beach

Trees Galore

From planting young saplings to walking through ancient rainforest, this week has revolved around trees. We spent a morning volunteering with the UQ Sustainability Team planting trees at UQ Gatton campus. This campus is located about an hour away from the St Lucia campus and is Australia’s leading provider in the field of Animals, Agriculture, … More Trees Galore

G’day from Brizzy!

… or in the words of Adele, hello from the other side (of the world). The only island that’s a country, the only country that’s a continent and the only continent that’s an island; make no mistake about it, Australia is one big place. The long second flight certainly made me appreciate this. After landing in … More G’day from Brizzy!