Roots of the sea

Across cultures, across centuries, mangroves have been perceived as the ethereal roots of the sea. The small trees and shrubs date back to prehistoric times and are present in two realms at once, conglomerating and thriving in swampy lagoons on the boundary of land and sea. They are thought to have originated in Asia, before … More Roots of the sea

Stunning Sapa

After precariously zig-zagging our way up and between the mountains, we arrive to find Sapa’s beauty concealed in a shroud of mist and darkness. When we awake, the town has too. Its aliveness proves a delight for the senses: the vibrant colours of the traditional dress, the whirl of hustle and bustle, the smell of … More Stunning Sapa

Bangkok & Buddha

With close to 67 million people, Thailand is the world’s 20th most populous country and its frenetic capital, Bangkok, receives more visitors each year than London. Thailand is the only country in south-east Asia that wasn’t colonised by the Europeans, so it is fitting that in the Thai language Thailand is Prathet Thai, which translates literally … More Bangkok & Buddha

Musings from the City of Lights and Frustration

1) From the vastness of the outback to the metro-boulot-dodo crowded Parisien lifestyle, it was a strange adjustment if ever there was one. The gravity of Europe’s refugee crisis hit home and the ubiquitous presence of armed troops served as a constant reminder of the underlying tension following the attacks that rocked the city last year. 2) … More Musings from the City of Lights and Frustration

Reef -> Rainforest -> Outback: A True Australian Adventure

Gliding over the rainforest… Catching rainbows on the Great Barrier Reef… Inhabitants of the Daintree River… Rolling into the Atherton Tablelands… To contrast with the vast Australian Outback… From Uluru to Kata Tjuta… …to the unique landscapes of the outback… There are some pretty long roads in the outback… Which lead to Kings Canyon…  

G’day mate! How ya going? A guide to Australian English

G’day! Here in Brizzy we are on the verge of winter, the sun is shining, the locals are complaining that it’s cold and the shops are full of winter clothes… last time I checked it was 26 degrees. If this is an Australian, sorry ‘Stralyan, winter, I could definitely get used to it. ‘Straya is the … More G’day mate! How ya going? A guide to Australian English

A drive with a view

One of the world’s most scenic drives is located just a few hours from Melbourne. The Great Ocean Road stretches for 243 km along the south-eastern coast of Australia and is one of Australia’s most famous road-touring routes. A mix of stunning coastline, rainforest, seaside towns and classic Australian wildlife makes for a great couple … More A drive with a view